Call today for prices and scheduling flute lessons at Mel Owen Music or in my home!  If you are an intermediate or advanced player wanting to increase your skills and musicality or you have never played before and would LOVE to start, contact me!  Or perhaps you played flute in high school but haven't touched it in years.  I do refresher courses!   I train students to audition for Youth Orchestra, chair placement in band, and college auditions.  Each June, all students are welcome to perform on my studio recital.  For the advanced members of my studio, I offer the Panpipes Flute Choir, which consists of C flutes, piccolos, Eb flute, alto and bass flute.  Members perform in various venues during the year.  Did you know that there are now hundreds of works for flute ensemble?  Some are arrangements and many are original works for flute ensemble!  Come explore the literature with us and enjoy our supportive atmosphere!
Flute Lessons